This website features my work and research on architecture, urbanism, phtoography and structural design. If you would like to reach me for collaborations or lectures my email is:

Recent lectures:
Delft Unversity School of Architecture, November 5
Columbia GSAAP, seminar
North Carolina State, Raleigh, November 8
VAI de Singel, Antwerp, November 3
Public School for Architecture, Brussels, November 2
Fondazione MAST, Bologna, October 28
Chicago Biennial at Charnley-Persky House, October 5
Lausanne, EPFL, March 24, 2015
Madrid School of Architecture, February 20 2015

Columbia GSAAP, October 2014
Museum of Architecture, King's Cross London, September 2014
Yale School of Architecture, February 10, 2014
TED X, Philadelphia, February 2014
Penn Design, University of Pennsylvania, January 28, 2014
ETH, Zurich, October 2013
Lausanne, EPFL October 2013
Northeastern University School of Architecture, September 24, 2013
Parsons School of Constructed Environments, April 2013

Panel discussions relating to the exhibition in Toronto, Detroit, New York, and London